Knee stem cell treatment

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Stem Cell Therapy in Melbourne

Stem cells are found in the early embryo, the foetus, amniotic fluid, the placenta and umbilical cord blood.


After birth and for the rest of life, stem cells continue to reside in many sites of the body, including skin, hair follicles, bone marrow and blood, brain and spinal cord, the lining of the nose, gut, lung, joint fluid, muscle, fat, and menstrual blood, to name a few. 

In the growing body, stem cells are responsible for generating new tissues, and once growth is complete, stem cells are responsible for repair and healing of injuries, and regeneration of damaged and ageing tissues.


The interest in these cells originated from their ability divide indefinitely and generate various many cell types from a few stem cells. Early scientists recognised that organ regeneration could be possible from these special type of cells.


Stem Cell Therapy is an advanced process which introduces these self-regenerating stem cells into damaged joints. Long term studies around the world including Australia are ongoing to determine the effects of such treatment on cartilage repair.

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy

With age the number of stem cells declines and repair of injured tissue is not as effective as when we are younger.By obtaining stem cells from other body tissues, concentrating them and then placing the cells at the site of injury the repair process may be amplified.Stem cells work in a complex multi factorial way and are currently being studied by many researchers.The mesenchymal stem cells we use are derived from your own adipose tissue. Surprisingly to most people fat is a rich source of stem cells.


Stem Cell Therapy

Relatively simple procedure that use regenerative cells including mesenchymal stem cells taken from the patient's own adipose (fat) tissue through mini liposuction or excision of adipose tissue. The procedure then involves the processing of the adipose tissue to prepare a cell suspension and injecting this mixture of cells which contain mesenchymal stem cells along with other cell types to help repair and regenerate the affected sites by replacing lost or damaged cells, reducing inflammation, improving the function of cells at the site and recruiting cells from other parts of the body to assist in these processes.


Benefits Of Stem Cell Therapy 

Dr Parminder J Singh is currently using adipose derived stem cells to treat some of his patients suffering from hip and knee pain.

The procedure involves an initial consultation in which a thorough discussion about the procedure, your suitability and likely outcomes takes place. The stem cell processing and implantation takes place in our stem cell laboratory in Boxhill.  You will be entered in to a confidential Registry for ongoing monitoring and have a full recovery and rehabilitation program mapped out for you.  Dr Singh is using a multidisciplinary approach to maximise your recovery.  


If you’re keen for a surgery alternative that will help you get back to life, speak to the experienced team at PJS Orthopaedics today. 




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