Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Exercises after your Knee Operation

Mr Singh and your physiotherapist will guide you through your rehabilitation following your knee replacement. Physiotherapy forms an important part of your recovery and can have a significant influence on the speed of your recovery and the muscle control you have over your new knee. Your physiotherapist will give you your own set of exercises to perform. The exercises listed below are a general guide to movements you can perform both before and after your knee replacement. The rationale for doing the exercises prior to your operation is that you will build up the muscles around your knee and make the exercises afterwards easier. Generally, try to perform your exercises 2 – 3 times daily with 10 repetitions each time. Initially you may find them difficult, so aim to increase movement with gentle repetition. As you progress try to hold each exercise for around 5 seconds. Remember, to perform your exercises safely.


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This exercises have been developed for best results after your knee operation. It is important you perform the following exercises recommended by Dr Singh unless otherwise agreed. Continue these exercises until otherwise advised by your physiotherapist or Dr Singh.


If you have any questions, or you are not too sure about an exercise to perform contact us.

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Exercises after your Knee Operation

Lie on your back or sit with your legs straight, pull your feet up towards you and push your knees down firmly against the floor/bed. Hold for 5 seconds then relax. This exercise can be combined with a knee bent as below.

Place a rolled blanket under your knee. Pull your feet towards you and tighten your thigh muscles to straighten the knee (keeping the back of the knee on the roll). Hold for 5 seconds.

Lay or sit with a sliding board under your leg. Bend and straighten your knee by sliding your foot up and down the board.

Pull your toes up; straighten the knee and lift the leg 20 cm off the floor/bed. Hold for approximately 5 second then slowly relax.

Sit on a chair with a cushion under your thighs. Pull your toes up, tighten the front of your thigh muscle and straighten your knee slowly. Hold for approximately 5 seconds.

Sit on a high chair or table. Bend your knee underneath as much as you are able comfortably. Hold for 5 seconds.

Holding onto a support, push up with your toes.

Stand, holding onto a support. Bend your knee and lift your foot off the floor to approximately 45 degrees. Hold for approximately 5 seconds.

Stand in front of a small step. Step up with your affected leg on the step. Initially after your surgery, you will need a cane in the opposite hand to the operated leg to help provide some additional support.

Holding onto a support, place your affected foot onto a step; slowly shift your weight forward over that foot, allowing your knee to bend as much as possible maintaining a stable position.

Holding onto a support, stand on one leg. Push up on your toes.

Stand up and then sit down slowly on a chair (This can be made easier and more difficult by changing the height of the chair). Initially, try to use a high seated chair and avoid the low seated chair.

Leaning with your back, against a wall and your feet about 20 cm from the wall slowly slide down the wall, until your hips and knees are at right angles. Try to hold for 15 seconds. Return to starting position.

Standing with support available. Squeeze a foam wedge/towel between your knees, continue to squeeze while gently bending your knees to 45 degrees. Return to standing and relax.

Stand on the operated leg. Try to balance, without holding on for 60 seconds.

If in doubt on any of these exercises consult your physiotherapist.