Elective surgeries for your hip or knee have nothing to do with COVID-19, the danger is in the outdoor trip that you have to make to the hospital and the hospital itself. If you are a senior citizen in need of urgent or necessary treatment by specialists for your hip or knee pain, you will have to follow certain hospital protocols to avoid getting infected with COVID-19. Many hospitals in Melbourne and various other cities are getting best orthopaedic surgeons in the country to focus on our senior citizens, now that the COVID-19 is in control.

You have the option of choosing your preferred hip or knee specialists and making a proper appointment with your doctor. Although, as recommended by many hip surgeons from Melbourne and other cities of the country, senior citizens are requested to follow every hospital’s COVID-19 safety protocols and continue social distancing as much as possible.

Hospital’s COVID-19 Safety Protocols

1. Tested Medical Staff  

  • Every staff member of the hospital is pre-tested for any signs or possibility of the coronavirus. They are only allowed to work with patients if they do not have and show no signs of COVID-19.
  • In short, every hospital in Melbourne and various other cities has staff and hip surgeons that are completely safe for you to come in contact with and get satisfactory treatment for many different problems.  

2. COVID-19 Sector  

  • Hospitals have different and quarantined sectors for the patients of COVID-19.
  • The doctors and staff that are responsible for the treatment of COVID-19 patients do not come in direct contact with other doctors, staff or patients without getting completely sanitized under proper supervision.
  • They also have separate means of entrance and exits to their sectors in order to avoid any chance of transmission.

3. Hip Surgeons

  • Best orthopedic surgeons from Melbourne and many other cities are available at various hospitals to perform hip surgeries and to provide other hip or knee pain treatments in a time-saving but effective manner.
  • The surgeons are also tested for the infection and any symptoms of COVID-19. So, whether you get your treatment in Melbourne or any other city, you will be treated by not only the best hip/knee surgeons in the country but also by individuals that pose no threat of spreading COVID-19 to you or anyone.

4. Patient’s Safety Guidance

  • Every patient is expected to self-isolate themselves a few days before coming to the hospital in order to avoid any infection or transmission.
  • As recommended by many specialists from Melbourne and Sydney, patients will be tested for COVID-19 on arrival to avoid endangering the health of the hospital staff or your knee/hip surgeons.
  • Patients are also expected to follow social distancing as much as possible before and after the treatment and avoid direct contact, even with your doctor unless absolutely necessary.
  • Various hospitals in Melbourne and many other cities are getting the best orthopaedic surgeons from the country to provide effective knee/hip treatment for as many patients as it is required.

5. Risk of COVID-19

  • As long as you choose the right hospitals and follow proper COVID-19 safety protocols, you will be safe from the coronavirus.
  • While some of the best orthopedic surgeons are there for you and will be attending you in various hospitals, you are also expected to listen to their every instruction, whether it’s regarding your treatment or about COVID-19 safety rules/regulations.

If you do want to stay up to date with the country’s changing condition with COVID-19, click here or here and you will be well informed with new and updated information on the topic.