Parminder J Singh

Welcome to ISHA NEWS 2018. We are proud to announce our society is celebrating its 10th year. This is our fifth edition of the annual newsletter and I would like to express my thanks to the editorial sub-committee Vikas Khanjuja, Addenbrooke’s, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, UK and Associate Professor Marcelo Queiroz from Santa Casa de São Paulo Medical School, São Paulo, Brazil. In addition, a special thanks to all the contributors of this year’s edition of the newsletter and congratulations to all who have contributed to the randomized control trials in hip arthroscopy completed this year.

ISHA would like to thank our current President Josip Chuck Cakic for leading the society through 2018. Dr Cakic discusses how our society over the next decade will embrace modern technology, improve the level of education to make preservation surgery available to any corner of the globe.

ISHA would like to thank our Executive Director Anna Lozinska-Brown for her enormous efforts in help run our society so smoothly.

The ISHA Scientific Chairman Dr Nicolas Bonin has been working hard on the 10th Annual Scientific Meeting Programme that will showcase the best of ISHA through an enlightening scientific program comprising comprehensive Instructional Course Lectures, lively Presidential Debates, Concurrent Physiotherapy Sessions, Keynote Presentations and for the first time virtual interactive training.

With the geographical proximity of Asia, the meeting will be a great opportunity to meet our Asian colleagues and share knowledge, experiences and culture. A half-day meeting will be devoted to the Asian society before the main meeting on the  3rd October.

On the 4-6th October, Dr Bonin will aim to take stock of our understanding of the 4 major pathologies of the hip and their main structures: impingement and labrum, pre-arthritis and cartilage, bone and ligament instability, peripheral pain syndrome and tendinitis.

ISHA would like to thank our host Chairman Dr John O’Donnell for all of his preparatory work for the forthcoming 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting. Our society members are all looking forward to visiting the most livable city in the world Melbourne. Dr John O’Donnell has shared some of the areas of his home city we can all enjoy.

The Hip Joint Restoration: Worldwide Advances in Arthroscopy, Arthroplasty, Osteotomy and Joint Preservation Surgery remains in production by Springer. Signed copies of the book will be available for the forthcoming ISHA 2018 annual scientific meeting in Melbourne. Dr Hal Martin and Dr Juan Gómez-Hoyes are pleased to announce the release of the Posterior Hip Disorders book which is now in production with Springer. The books unique and comprehensive text discusses the main causes of posterior hip pathology and recent advances in evaluation and treatment of those conditions

ISHA was delighted to have awarded prizes to Dr William Neal, Dr Ryan Fade, Dr Philip Noble and Dr Thomas Byrd.

In order to document accurately our societies history, we hear from all of our past ISHA Presidents over the last decade. These reports provide us all with unique insights into the highlights of their presidential years.

Unfortunately, this year we will not be getting any update on the Journal of Hip Preservation Surgery due to the huge overseas commitments of our inaugural president Mr Richard Villar.

Modern day communication continues to take many forms. Mr Ajay Malviya updates on the metrics of what the papers say. Mr Malviya, how he attempts to include high quality robust research to inform the readership of new developments, novel techniques, confirm some aspects of our practice, break some myths and also to showcase unique and pertinent work performed globally that helps consolidate and, of course, enhance our practice.

The role of registries is beginning to influence orthopaedic practice around the world. There are now grown to 8000 procedures entered into the UK Non-Arthroplasty Hip Registry. This year we hear from the new Chairman of the Steering Committee of the British Non-Arthroplasty Hip Registry (NAHR) Mr Vikas Khanduja. Mr Khanduja provides a summary of the annual report.

This year we hear from Associate Professor Amir Takla on how the physiotherapy group will run their Annual Scientific Meeting over three days with the Friday and Saturday of the congress having a parallel physiotherapy meeting. Associate Professor Takla, discusses how the physiotherapy group now faces the significant challenge of  marketing and spreading the news of their program to attract delegates and reaches out for the support of the physiotherapy associations throughout the world.

The Chairman of the ISHA Research Committee Dr Hal Martin discusses how he has recruited experts in meta-analysis projects in hip preservation surgery. Dr Martin discusses how these critical position papers will be the focus of the ISHA Research Committee.

This year our ISHA Membership Committee Chair Mr Tony Andrade update’s us all on the latest figures of our membership numbers and how our society continues to expand since our Annual Scientific Meeting in Santiago in October 2017. Mr Andrade discusses how his committee have been hard at work transferring all the membership data from our previous server to a new server with an updated membership module that is much more searchable, user friendly and GDPR compliant (General Data Protection Regulation).

The Chairman of ISHA Education Secretary Professor Paul Beaulé announces the two new traveling ISHA traveling fellows. For those who are interested in the ISHA  travelling Fellowship, please read the article carefully to obtain the application rules for the fellowship. ISHA news is proud to hear from the 2017 ISHA’S travelling Fellow Sasha Carsen, Ottawa, Cananda and Michael Van Niekerk, Whangeri, New Zealand. ISHA would like to thanks all the hosting surgeons from around the world.

Dr John Christoforetti the chair of the ISHA Web Committee discusses how they are maintaining the newly renovated appearance and functionality to the ISHA website and updates us on the second year of the new web design.

Dr Derek Ochiai updates us on the social media report. Dr Ochai is proud to announce our Facebook page, as well as a specific page for our Melbourne Annual Scientific Meeting. In addition, Dr Ochai reports on how we have expanded our Twitter reach with over 455 followers to our site. As many of you will be aware, Twitter provides online news and social networking services where users post and interact with messages, “tweets” restricted to 140 characters.

For the first time ISHA news provides a commentary on the recently completely randomised control trials. Dr Tony Andrade and Professor Sion Glynn Jones discuss the results of FAIT trial. Professor Damian Griffin discusses the outcomes of the recently published FASION Study in the Lancet journal. Both trials are randomised controlled trial comparing outcomes from arthroscopic hip surgery with physiotherapy for the treatment of symptomatic femoro-acetabular impingement.

ISHA news is pleased to be able to reports on hot topics this year including Operative Treatment of FAI – When arthroscopically, when open? By Dr Lorenz Büchler, Berne, Switzerland and Dr Michael Dienst, Munich, Germany.

This year, we have a Case report from Hong Kong by Mr Jason Brockwell on “Pelvic Osteotomy: How old is too old? How much arthritis is too much arthritis?” Mr Brockwell presents a second case report on “Pelvic Osteotomy: Can I dance afterwards?”

ISHA – The hip preservation society is proud to announce the 11th annual scientific will be held in Madrid, Spain. The dates of the Annual Scientific Meeting will be from the 17- 19th October. The meeting host chairs will be Dr Oliver Marin-Pena and Dr Luis Perza Carro. ISHA news would welcome your feedback by email to [email protected].

Parminder J Singh MBBS, MRCS, FRCS (Tr&Orth), MS, FRACS

Editorial Committee Chairman of ISHA


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