Parminder J Singh

Welcome to ISHA NEWS 2017. This is our fourth edition of the annual newsletter and I would like to express my thanks to the editorial sub-committee Vikas Khanjuja, Addenbrooke’s, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, UK and Associate Professor Marcelo Queiroz from Santa Casa de São Paulo Medical School, São Paulo, Brazil. In addition, a special thanks to all the contributors of this year’s edition of the newsletter.

ISHA would like to thanks our current President Professor Richard Field for leading the society through 2017. Professor Field discusses how new London hip surgeons are expected to include arthroscopic hip surgery in their portfolio of surgical skills  and highlights the questions that still need to be answered in 2017 in hip joint preservation surgery.

The ISHA Scientific Chairman Dr Hal Martin has been working hard on the 9th  Annual Scientific Meeting Programme that will showcase the best of ISHA through an enlightening scientific program comprising comprehensive Instructional Course Lectures, lively Presidential Debates, Concurrent Physiotherapy Sessions, and Keynote Presentations. Dr Hal Martin has titled the meeting as “Preserving Hips and Enhancing Life” and will aim to highlight the cost of hip disease to the individual and to society during the annual scientific meeting.

ISHA would like to thank our host Chairman Dr Rodrigo Mardones for all of his preparatory work for the forthcoming 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting. We are all looking forward to visiting the city of Santiago. Dr Mardones has shared some of the areas of his home city we can enjoy and also updates us on the growing interest in joint preservation surgery in South America.

We hear from past ISHA President Dr Joseph McCarthy who is also one of the editors the “Hip Joint Restoration: Worldwide Advances in Arthroscopy, Arthroplasty, Osteotomy and Joint Preservation Surgery” book, on how we can get signed copies of the ISHA Book authors at this year’s meeting.

Open access journals continue to have a positive impact on education. Some of the advantages include journals are free to read and download. The Editor-in-Chief and the first ISHA president Mr Richard Villar reports on the journal’s fourth year of publication and how we all can continue to support the journal.

Modern day communication continues to take many forms. Mr Ajay Malviya discusses how to get involved in the ISHA Linkedin group to facilitate communication easy between hip preservation surgeons

The role of registries is beginning to influence orthopaedic practice around the world. There are now 6500 procedure entered into the UK Non-Arthroplasty Hip Registry. This year we hear from the new Chairman of the Steering Committee of the British Non-Arthroplasty Hip Registry (NAHR) Mr Vikas Khanduja. Mr Khanduja discusses how the Registry continues to develop in response to the feedback from its users and the NAHR committee. Mr Khanduja provides a summary of the annual report.

This year we hear from Associate Professor Amir Takla on how the physiotherapy group will run a meeting parallel to the surgeons. The physiotherapy group will offer the opportunity for a practical morning instructional course to those individuals looking at a detailed physical therapy assessment of complex hip conditions.

For the first time last year we heard from the Chairman of the ISHA Research Committee Dr Hal Martin. Dr Martin this year will update us on a new book“ Diagnosis and Treatment of Posterior Hip Pain”; a project of predominantly ISHA society authors.

This year our ISHA Membership Committee Chair Mr Tony Andrade update’s us all on the latest figures of our membership numbers and how our society continues to expand since our Annual Scientific Meeting in San Francisco in September 2016. This year we hear more about the Korien Society Hip Arthroscopy and Joint Preservation by Dr Pilsung Kim.

Professor Paul Beaule has completed his first year as the ISHA Education Secretary and announces the two new traveling ISHA traveling fellows. For those who are interested in the ISHA travelling Fellowship, please read the article carefully to obtain the application rules for the fellowship.

ISHA news is proud to hear from ISHA’S 2nd travelling Fellow Dr Leandro Calil De Lazari. Dr De Lazari provides a details account of his ISHA Fellowship learning from some of the leading hip preservation surgeons around the world.

Dr John Christoforetti the chair of the ISHA Web Committee is proud to introduce a newly renovated appearance and functionality to the ISHA website and updates us on the first year of the new web design.

Dr Derek Ochiai for the first time discusses the role of Twitter in hip arthroscopy in and your practice. Twitter currently has 313 million users. As many of you will be aware, Twitter provides online news and social networking services where users post and interact with messages, “tweets” restricted to 140 characters.

Next year in 2018, ISHA is proud to announce the 10th annual scientific will be held in Melbourne, Australia. On behalf of ISHA, Dr John O’Donnell invites all of you to the 10 year Anniversary of ISHA in Melbourne.

For the first time ISHA news provides a commentary on the much talked about Warwick Agreement paper on femoroacetabular impingement syndrome. Professor Ian Harris discusses some independent insights in this paper.

ISHA news is pleased to be able to reports on three hot topics this year including a review of angular deformities of the proximal femur by Dr Robert Buly; Cost Effectiveness of Hip Arthroscopy by Dr Olufemi R. Ayeni and Does Hip Arthroscopy Prevent Total Hip Replacement by Mr Vikas Khanduja. This year, we have a Case report from our incoming ISHA President, Dr Josip Cakic on “A Case of Diaphyseal Aclasia”.

Finally, Dr Al Stubbs, the ISHA General Secretary and last year’s Scientific Programme Chair summaries some of the highlights of the 2016 ISHA Annual Scientific Meeting in San Francisco. ISHA news would welcome your feedback by email to [email protected].

Parminder J Singh MB BS, MRCS, FRCS (Tr & Orth), MS, FRACS

Editorial Committee Chairman of ISHA

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