We are thrilled to announce that Mr. Parminder Singh, Orthopaedic Hip and Knee surgeon, has taken on a new role as an instructor and proctor for Cooled radiofrequency treatment in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. This innovative Cooled Radiofrequency Treatment approach offers a promising solution for patients suffering from hip pain, knee pain, and trochanteric bursitis issues, enhancing Mr. Singh’s commitment to advancing orthopaedic care.

Cooled Radiofrequency Treatment in Melbourne is a minimally invasive procedure that targets the sensory nerves responsible for pain transmission, providing long-lasting pain relief. Unlike traditional methods, this technique uses cooled radiofrequency energy to create a large volume of heat, precisely targeting the affected area while minimizing damage to surrounding tissues.

As an instructor and proctor, Mr. Parminder Singh brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the training and education of healthcare professionals in the region. His dedication to improving patient outcomes and quality of life is evident in his continued pursuit of cutting-edge treatment options.

With Mr. Singh’s guidance, more healthcare providers across Australia and the Asia Pacific region can now access comprehensive training and support for implementing Cooled radiofrequency treatment in their practice. This development marks a significant advancement in the field of orthopaedics offering new hope for patients suffering from hip and knee arthritis, and trochanteric bursitis.

Join us in congratulating Mr. Parminder Singh on his new role and in welcoming this exciting advancement in orthopaedic care. Together, we aim to continue to push the boundaries of innovation and improve the lives of patients worldwide.