Tips After Your hip operation to reduce risk of dislocation

The following precautions are important to reduce the risk of dislocation. They should be followed particularly during the first 6 weeks after your hip replacement.


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These exercises have been developed to reduce your risk of dislocation after your hip operation to. For best results, it is important you perform the following exercises recommended by Dr Singh unless otherwise agreed. 


Continue these exercises until otherwise advised by your physiotherapist or Dr Singh.


If you have any questions, or you are not too sure about an exercise to perform contact us.

Tips after your Hip Operation to Reduce Risk of Dislocation

Do not cross your legs.

Do not twist on your operated leg when turning.

Do not bend over too much to pick things off the floor.


When sleeping, attempt to sleep on your back and avoid crossing over your legs. Putting a pillow between your legs may assist you in this. Generally aim to do this for approximately 6 weeks after your surgery.

Do not bend your hip greater than 90 degrees.

Standing up:

Move to the edge of your chair; push up using the arms of your chair to facilitate standing.


Sitting down:

Initially, make sure you can feel the back of the chair against the back of your legs. Then reach back for the arms of the chair. Without leaning forward, gently lower yourself into your chair, taking the weight evenly through your arms. You may find it more comfortable to slide your operated leg forwards as you sit down.

Some tips for sitting and standing

Some tips for ascending and descending stairs

Stairs (Going Up)

Non operated leg first → Operated leg second → Crutch / stick third

Stairs (Going Down)

Crutch / Stick → Operated leg → Non operated leg