Tips before you have your hip Operation

Prepare your home

Try to organise your home so that things are easy to access. You may experience discomfort, particularly when bending over, getting in and out of a chair, getting in and out of bed during the first few days so make things easy for yourself and get some help from a friend or family member.


  • Toilet seats – Initially, going to the toilet may be uncomfortable and a raised toilet seat can be helpful. Bending over – Within to first two weeks, try to avoid to bending over too often.


  • You may find it easier of you can get some assistance putting on your shoes, socks and compression stockings.


  • Remove loose rugs to avoid tripping. If the rugs cannot be removed consider the application of a non-skid backing.


  • You may find it easier for the first six weeks to move your bed downstairs onto the ground floor particular if you find it difficult to ascend and descend stairs.


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For best results, it is important you perform the following tips recommended by Dr Singh unless otherwise agreed before your hip operation.


If you have any questions, or you are not too sure about an exercise to perform contact us.

Tips before you have your hip operation